Selecting your wedding photographer can be a daunting task with so many to choose from and the stakes are high! Your wedding photos are one of the only lasting memories you'll retain from your big day, so you must make an educated choice. The most important aspect of your decision making process should be your comfort level with their personality. Of course you want punctual and professional, someone you can trust, but there needs to be an element of human connection. Put simply, you want to feel safe knowing you can vibe with your photographer and that he/she can put you at ease while in front of the lens.

Personality Connection

Unlike your other vendors, you'll be spending the majority of the day with your photographer so you want to make sure your energy matches! The best ways to learn about their attitude is to thoroughly look through their wedding portfolio, ask to see an entire wedding gallery, and schedule a call, meet up or video chat! Ask important questions like:

  • Are you comfortable directing large groups of people?
  • Can you put our nerves at ease while posing for pictures?
  • Will you help us pose for pictures?
  • Where does your inspiration come from?

Making sure your wedding photographer can connect with your emotions and capture the true essence of the day should be a top priority.

Type of Style

Some wedding photographers just slap on a filter and call it a day. While that's OK for some, most want more than gimmicks, something honest and timeless. Do the photographer's images look catchy because of a certain editing style or are the photos gorgeous because they've helped bring out the best in people? Are they more of a director always posing people or do they stay on the sidelines and candidly document the day as it unfolds? Knowing how the photographer approaches a wedding can completely change the mood of your final images and the entire day.

What are you paying for?

Understanding fully if there'll be any hidden or unexpected costs to obtain your finished photos is an often overlooked aspect. Post production is usually half the job for your wedding photographer so being aware of their process is important for balancing your excitement and anticipation of the final product. Getting an estimate on the number of photos you'll receive is helpful and make sure to ask if your wedding package price includes editing of the photos or tangible items like prints, albums or USB drives.

Trust your Photographer

What it boils down to is finding a photographer who will treat you and your family right. Your wedding is a huge time, financial, and emotional commitment so it's imperative to find someone who respects and understands it all. Will they be comfortable with not only your personality but of your family and friends as well? Will they pay attention to all the details at your ceremony and reception that you spend countless hours planning and making? Find out if they're capable of fully documenting all the little aspects of the day like guest interactions and intimate family moments. A dedicated wedding photographer should be able to fulfill all these client expectations with ease while going above and beyond expectations.

Ask your prospective photographers as many questions as you like and pay attention to their attentiveness. Are they prompt and friendly with their responses or easy to get a hold of? Make sure they're on the same page with you about scheduling/timing for the day because everything happens quick and you don't want missed opportunities. Most of all, find a wedding photographer who' s easy to work with and who you think you'll be able to have fun with on your day because your photos will thank you for it in the end.