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Witnessing a love story in real time is experiencing life at it's finest.  Your wedding, your day, your love and your life, all deserve a unique story to match.  Most everything gets eaten, thrown out or wilts, but your photos are the few items that will last a lifetime.  I want to help tell your story and to let it be seen for generations to come.  I understand choosing a wedding photographer is a big commitment in money and trust; you're inviting me into your life and trusting me with the longevity of your memories.  This is no simple task but you can be sure I'll do my absolute best to respect your wishes and exceed your expectations.

If you don't see answers to your questions below, feel free to reach out (773-297-6418) at any time so I can clear up any confusion.

Common Questions and Answers

How do you describe your shooting style?

This can be a bit of a challenge to pin point because weddings require a lot of improvisation.  I do, however, have a conceptual fine art training that offers creative expression for the married couple while my 10+ years of wedding experience provides comfort for parents with posed group/family shots.   Either way, I love nature, sunlight, reflections, shallow dept of field, soft light, honest laughs, genuine smiles, and try to incorporate all these in every wedding I shoot.  I believe in my ability to offer multiple shooting styles while still being able to provided a unique and cohesive documentation of your day.  Take a thorough look at my portfolio and let me know if my work matches my claim :)

Is any editing done to my images?

Yes! Quite a bit in fact.  On average, at least 6+ hours is spend in post production.  This means all images are straightened, color corrected, adjusted for proper exposure and provided to you in album ready form.

How quickly will I get my photographs?

Within 3 weeks, and often earlier, your photos will be ready for download on your personal online viewing gallery.  If you choose a photo package with a USB drive, I'll have that mailed out a week or two after the downloads are ready.  I try hard to live stress free and staying on top of my editing game helps :) 

Can I use or print my photos?

You can use or print your photos with no restrictions. Feel free to share them on social media, email them to family or friends, or make as many prints at Walgreens or Costco as you'd like.  In other words, your images are yours to use how you please.  Carey Primeau will retain copyright on all photos, but there are no hidden costs for prints or digital files.  With that said, in addition to albums, I offer a variety of printed options for purchase if you'd like.

What kind of equipment do you have/use?

I use Nikon almost exclusively.  I have professional full frame DSLR cameras with a variety of zoom, prime, and fast aperture lenses to use.  In addition, I also use flash for low light situations.  All my equipment is insured and so are any liabilities.  You can rest assured that I'll always have a backup ready to go no matter what the situation brings :)

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